Good or bad?

To me personally there's no such thing like a "bad day". Good and bad in general are misconceptions based on the human brains tendency to judge and evaluate things that simply do happen, day in and day out. For example: What if on a "bad day" you suddenly start doing things, that you call "good things"? Will this day then still be a "bad day" or will it be a "good day"? A day is what we make of it. Don't bother with the "bad things", at least the ones which you can't change anyway. "Bad things" will always be there, no matter what you do or say or think or feel. Maybe you can't change some or most of them, but at least you can change your thinking, your focus. You can focus your energies on things that you would normally call "good things". Your own thoughts and actions may happily surprise you and convert your "bad day" to become a "good day" or even a lovely day.

Carpe diem.