Mindful photography

It happens frequently, that I see people at events, at concerts or birthday parties, constantly snapping and snapping, taking one picture after another, some of them seemingly not being able to part with their camera (or smartphone for the matter). But oh well, me thinks, anyone shall do as he pleases. There are several other things in the world concerning me more, than people taking pictures of moments happening to them, without actually noticing these moments. Me, I deliberately choose to put a camera to my eye and I deliberately choose to put it away, sometimes far away, in order to be part of a moment. There are things in life, which are much more important to me than my camera or getting the picture [sic].

Yet, to me ultimately the single most important factor for experiencing a moment in all its glory is not whether I'm taking pictures of that moment or whether I'm not, but how I treat that moment regarding my consciousness. As long as I go my way consciously, that is, as long as I do not just keep snapping and snapping, unconsciously, taking one picture after another, unconsciously, but instead experience the world around me with a thoroughly conscious mind, I can feel great enjoyment deriving from any moment right here and right now. As I experience that moment consciously, which means I'm not just physically present, but I actually take part of it, along with my body and my soul, both physically and mentally, I will be able to enjoy this moment and to store it in my memory. And sometimes, if I'm lucky enough, I will get that wonderful and memorable picture too.