My personal view on 'narcissism'

A 'narcissist' (I don't like such labels) is a human being that desires to be loved. He or she is just not aware of this fact. Maybe because he lacks in the skill of compassion. And here I mean compassion for others but also for himself, with the latter one being absolutely essential. Maybe the walls, that protect a 'narcissist' from being injured, are so very thick and high, that many of the enjoyable emotions in life are simply unable to pass through.

But like any human being also a 'narcissist' can learn things, which are currently unknown to him. He can learn how to feel for himself and for others, that is, if he is willing to crash the walls, and if he is willing to feel what lies behind these walls. One must be willing to feel the joy *and* the pain of being alive altogether. Both of these things are always there, yin & yang. None of them goes without the other. If you protect yourself from the 'bad' experiences and feelings in life too much, that is, if you are not willing to feel the 'bad' things behind the wall, then you will shield yourself and drive yourself away from all the 'good' things out there as well.

Me, I have been a man previously diagnosed with a minor tendency for narcissism and a major tendency for anxiety. But I eventually learned how to grow the love in my heart, and as I see the world now, I am in love with everybody and everything in this world and beyond. Love is the only force known to me, which is not using force (wei wu wei) and at the same time comprises the power to change your world simply by changing your personal view and take on the world. And it is love that has the power to make you and the ones that you love feel free.