(Sexual) Objectification

We objectify people all the time. Be it the waitress in a restaurant, the taxi driver in a cab or the news speaker of your preferred TV channel, they all serve a certain purpose, cater to a specific need, when doing their jobs. A need that YOU wish to be fulfilled. It's just when we get into some sort of sexual context, that we become increasingly aware and cautious, probably because sexuality by its nature addresses some of the most basic (animal) instincts and emotions in us. It addresses our unconscious and all that we love and can hate so much. Yet all these people who serve your specific needs are complete and fully featured human beings, with a heart and a brain, with family and friends, living their own lifes, just as you do. As long as you are aware of this fact, your behaviour regarding these human beings should hopefully be appropriate.

Let us not fight the symptoms by pushing away what has been an intrinsic part of human nature and history since the beginning of mankind, and this is sexuality and nudity and desire. Let us not fight the symptoms by blending out what will then still be there. Instead let us work on the underlying core issue, which is a psychological one rooted deep within ourselves. An issue that will become even more severe by hiding it from ourselves and by denying that it exists.