Thoughts about intimacy

In the past I often felt misunderstood. I had a hard time to 'just party' with the seemingly happy crowd. Today I still don't want to 'just party' (though I have to from time to time), but I got to know myself better and I realized, that I like to be very close and very intimate only to a few selected people. I learned to listen to my heart and I developed this incredibly fine sensitivity towards the intentions and emotions of another person. I learned to sense (and to appreciate), when he or she feels the same way like I do. Most of these 'soulseeking' people, that I encounter now, are female by the way. There are men too, of course, but they are rare. Eventually it dawned on me, that partly this phenomenon is about me, my goals, my dreams, my wishes and partly about the fact, that for a huge share of the (german male) population it must be difficult to put down their shields — just as it was for me.