• Shadowmaiden

    Your eyes abloom,
    Owing to the soul,
    Taking a glance,
    At me,
    Into my heart,
    As if eschars of harm,
    Could be hiding our fears,
    As if we suddenly knew,
    Where we belong.

  • Obscurity

    There we meet,
    Pure in the dark,
    By a sheet of night,
    Sister of light,
    Like a blossom of life,
    Taken away,
    With a cut of the knife,
    Sheltering, suffering, soaring,
    Never knowing,
    Who was there.

  • Gone inside

    I still miss you in my life,
    Walking left my eyes turn right,
    Sometimes, yes, I look behind.

    All these people, countless people,
    Many of them kind and true,
    Keep reminding me of you,
    Being almost just like you;
    But they aren't you.
    No they aren't.

    I still miss you in my life,
    Looking left while walking right,
    Sometimes, yes, I look behind.

    When I dare to look inside,
    I still see you where I feel,
    Feel your presence,
    Like you're here,
    Here with me;
    But you aren't here.
    No you aren't.

    I still miss you in my life,
    Could I ever let this be?
    You're with me and you are gone.

    Deep inside dwells pain my dear,
    Where you raised my greatest fear,
    Fear of my soul, love of my life;
    This is what you are to me.
    Yes you are.

  • Please

    Don't hurt
    For me
    Get closer
    Show me
    How you feel
    I will not
    Hurt you
    I will
    Love you

  • Change

    You walked into my life
    As if there were no walls,
    My cracky heart, one beat
    Before you’re gone

    You made me see this world
    In ways I’ve never seen,
    One feather hit the stone
    Before its flown

    You told me: Live your life
    Like you had never done,
    A mystery for sure
    You were the one

    I hear the music now
    So I will dance,
    Oh yeah
    Oh no

    I will fly

  • Love is Kung Fu

    Both broke my nose,
    Both hurt me bad,
    Some blood did flow,
    And tears where shed.

    Both saved my ass,
    Both saved my soul,
    Will be with me,
    Wherever I go.

  • Real blues ain’t monkey junk

    Real blues won’t ever care,
    for how you like to wear your hair.
    Real blues won’t ever blame,
    however will you call your name.

    Real blues won’t ever see,
    only your eyes, no it sees thee.
    Real blues, the deepest thang,
    between a woman and a man.