• 08. Okt 2016:

    If you want to be free, always go one step further. Yes, there will be trouble and there will be fear. Goals may change and directions may change, but *you* can always keep walking. Step by step. And one step further in freedom.

  • 03. Jun 2016:

    I'm nerdy and I know it.

  • 28. Apr 2016:

    My five steps, which are applicable to any form of art (and life in general):
    1. Internalize the 'well-known' rules
    2. Break them
    3. Set up your own rules
    4. Break them
    5. Continue with step 3

  • 23. Apr 2016:

    When all they can see in you is a mess, let them be. You are perfect in being imperfect.

  • 20. Apr 2016:

    I fear your presence as much as I love you. But I love you more.

  • 03. Apr 2016:

    Every other day I think: What the hell is wrong with these people on Instagram (or elsewhere on social media). "Follow me, follow me, follow me...", bleating like a herd of sheep. If you like what I do, you may follow me — otherwise get off my back. Do not follow me. Go your own way.

  • 28. Mär 2016:

    It never ceases to amaze me, which of my pictures people tend to like and which they don't. I like each of them, because they reveal who I am. Replace 'pictures' by 'words', 'deeds', 'thoughts' or 'feelings' and the same holds true.

  • 21. Mär 2016:

    If I wish for a change, I have to start with myself.

  • 03. Mär 2016:

    You cannot love your children enough. But you shouldn't mistake overprotection for love, because overprotection is a form of unhealthy anxious attachment, whereas love will set you and your children free.

  • 10. Feb 2016:

    Maybe we'll never know, where the ride of life will take us. And maybe it's better this way. If we knew what's around the corner, every minute, every day, how boring could this be? Predictability isn't what makes our rides thrilling, but a smidge of uncertainty certainly does.

  • 03. Dez 2015:

    Let us all get stupid and do weird things (at least from time to time). I want to feel, that I am for real and truly alive.

  • 03. Dez 2015:

    I consider the skill of self-compassion one of the most important skills we can develop. It's when we are content with ourselves, we can be content with the world.

  • 17. Jun 2015:

    In a world that spins ever so faster, it is important to learn, that we are able to slow down by our own decision, effectively broadening our awareness and strengthening our capability to rethink.

  • 20. Aug 2014:

    I believe that life is always about how you look at things.

  • 04. Jun 2014:

    All human beings are valuable and worth to be loved. Make this unquestionable and they will start to show their true capabilities.

  • 15. Dez 2013:

    You must never be fearful when you do what you know in your heart is right.

  • 17. Mai 2013:

    When I love the fight, I fight the love.